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The Internet Domain Name of ∑.com (“Sigma symbol” dot com)

SIGMA (N-ARY Summation)

Character Set: Mathematical Operators

Unicode: 2211

∑ is the only Capital Sigma Character in the Unicode database that maintains the ∑ glyph in IDNS.

The Internet Domain Name of ∑ .com is a viable and legal IP single character address. The symbol Sigma is an internationally known and highly recognized mathematical symbol providing a high profile visual anchor for Internet customer retention.

Other identical symbols: NONE

Other similar symbols:

∑ Greek Capital Letter Sigma ∑ ; (Unicode: 03A3) -- but this code point maps† to lower case sigma (σ ).

∑ Latin Capital Letter Esh ∑ (Unicode: 01A9) -- but this code point maps† to lower case esh (∫ ).

† These characters are translated to their lower case counter-parts. Much like an upper-case "A" is translated to "a". In other words, they do not maintain the ∑ glyph in IDNS.